Important message

After over 3 years We have to inform you that the site has to be closed due to country restrictions. Asian countries have blocked the site for pornographic content and made it inaccessible to users. Our users were 80% from the Asian zone, which allowed us to maintain server costs through Asian traffic. Due to the country locks, we were able to withstand the server costs for another three months. Since this service was completely free for the last 3 years and there were no restrictions, we did our best. It was not an easy decision for us as this project was guided by love and feelings. It was never an intention to profit from this website, but always to keep it realistic on one level.

We give our users time to secure their pictures for the next 2 months. The site will be closed on November 30, 2018. We thank you for the 3 years and hope the best for you. For questions we can be reached via our contact form.